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Improving Your Vertical Leap, Basics

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How to improve your vertical leapLike it or not, the higher you can jump the more effective you’ll be at volleyball. Front row and back row players alike benefit from the explosive quickness that comes from plyometric and jump training.

Your best bet is usually going to be a combination of strength training and plyometrics. The strength training will (obviously) increase your overall muscle strength and let you put more force behind your jump. Plyometrics will help you transfer that strength to a speedy upward motion, i.e. the jump. With that in mind, here are some good sources for basic jump training exercises.

NOTE: I am not a trainer, nor is Volleyball Life a strength or jump training website. So if you’re unsure about how to do any of these exercises you should talk to a professional trainer. The goal here is to make it easy for you to find, evaluate and implement some basic jump training drills into your workouts.

Sports Fitness Advisor

This one is great – probably my favorite so far, and one I’m considering implementing in my own workouts. It has cute little moving illustrations for all the drills, and it gives you guidelines on incorporating them into your existing gym visits.

The Ultimate Handbook

Here you’ll find an 8-week course of plyometrics, including some very interesting illustrations for all of the workouts described. Useful stuff.

This site is sales based (i.e. they want you to buy their jump training guide), but there are some good basic plyometric exercises (side box jumps, stair jumps, box jumps and jumping rope) as well as strength training tips to be had here.
Here’s a YouTube video from the same site:

And, in case you need some inspiration, here’s a video of Leonel Marshall from Cuba. Dude has got some ups. 50 inches worth of ups, to be exact:

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  2. […] check out our tips on improving your vertical leap to help your blocking […]

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  5. Blake Helton says:

    Plyometric training is a combination of movements that tighten certain muscle tissue. Not only that, it also trains the nerve to deliver a particular pattern of muscle contractions to generate maximum strength in the shortest time. Plyometrics trains the muscles to contract and deliver the most explosive output before you consciously think about it.

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