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Player Profiles: Misty May-Traenor

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One half of the Team of the Decade, Misty May-Traenor is one of the most influential volleyball players ever to step on a court or beach.
Trying to list her awards and accolades would take up several posts, so we’ll just hit the highlights: her 2008 gold medal win in Beijing made her and partner Kerri Walsh-Jennings the only team to earn back-to-back gold medals. (That means they also took home gold from Athens in 2004). In 2008 she was named Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive Player and MVP of the AVP tour. Misty May-Traenor jump serves
She only played one tournament in 2009 due to an Achille’s injury, but even after a months-long hiatus she and Walsh-Jennings were amazing to watch. During the Brazil v. US match up they only fell in the final due to fatigue, having beaten their opponent once earlier in the tournament.
May-Traenor teamed up with Walsh-Jennings in 2003; she is the winning-est female player on the AVP tour with over 100 wins, and the only woman besides Walsh to have over 100 wins.
Prior to joining the beach scene, May-Traenor played for Long Beach State, winning the NCAA title in 1998. She was named co-MVP of the match and graduated with a BA in Kinesiology.
The 2010 AVP/FIVB seasons find May-Traenor with a new partner, 2009’s AVP MVP Nicole Branagh. The two have teamed up since Walsh is expecting her second child in May of this year, and the volleyball world is waiting expectantly to see how this new duo stacks up to Misty May-Traenor’s history of excellence.

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