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NCAA Reconsiders Women’s Sand Volleyball

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Back in April of 2009 the NCAA approved sand volleyball as an emerging sport for women, clearing the way for varsity competition during the 2010-2011 season. But now several schools are forcing a vote at the NCAA convention in Atlanta that would remove sand volleyball from the list of emerging sports.

The opposition that is forcing Friday’s vote has come from several unlikely sources, including three-time NCAA women’s volleyball championship winner Penn State. About half of the Pac 10 conference, which includes many beach-adjacent schools that could expect high quality beach players, is added its voice to the opposition as well.

Most of the argument is based on budgets; schools administrators argue that even if the sand program is optional they would be pressured to add it despite their already strained pocketbooks.

Sixty-three schools, among them indoor giants Nebraska, Stanford and Washington as well as Penn State and the rest of the Big Ten, requested the override vote. If 62.5 percent of the convention attendees vote in favor of the override, sand volleyball would be removed from the list of emerging sports.

For more information about the previous NCAA ruling, visit ESPN.com.

Additional coverage of the upcoming vote: LATimes, Denver Post, the AVP is calling for fans to lobby in favor of the vote.

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. Mike says:

    Boo boo boo! I know my beloved Huskies are part of the anti-voters – and well, it makes sense…our sports programs are funded by themselves (or by football) and we couldn’t sustain a program, especially without much of a beach community – this really pains me to see.

    I for one, hate PLAYING beach volleyball. I’m strictly indoor, but I think it’s only a good thing for the sport to engage in a collegiate level beach program. Put them in different seasons and you’d have some crossover (which could be good or bad), but as a fan and supporter, I’d be at every match.

    You MIGHT see a dip in indoor players (as the AVP is more alluring to many than most indoor opportunities) but, like I said, if they’re different seasons, you would likely see the same athletes attempt both.

    Yeah, boo.

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