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Passing Ebook

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17-Year Volleyball Veteran Shares Tips, Tricks and Drills to Make You a Defensive Superstar

Nothing takes the wind out of a hitter’s sails like an effortless dig of his or her most blistering attack. Learn how to dig any hit without fear and pass any serve with ease using my Passing Ebook. Cuban diving

Perfect Passing from the Ground Up

After spending 10 years playing on highly competitive volleyball teams around the world, I’m at the point in my volleyball development where there aren’t team practices or workouts to guide me. I’ve spent many hours of my life searching the Internet for resources geared toward individual volleyball players, but without success.

So I researched and wrote the Volleyball Life Ebook series to help individual volleyball players improve their skills outside of a team setting. One of my favorite books to write was the passing ebook, because I was trained as a defensive specialist during my early volleyball days.

Did you know that 90% of passing happens before you even pass the ball? This ebook will show you how to position yourself properly so that your passes go from unpredictable to unbelievable.

I’ve used the techniques detailed in this ebook at volleyball tournaments in three countries. They led my high school team to its first undefeated season in over 20 years and helped my Junior Olympic team from an unknown town wreak havoc at national qualifying tournaments. Did I mention I was the Outstanding Defensive Player for my High School District for two years in a row? These techniques have been proven to work!

Volleyball Life can now put these training methods, which were learned from Junior Olympic and NCAA coaches, into to your hands. More importantly, these methods have been tweaked to allow individuals — not just teams — to take full advantage of them. I’ve been playing and coaching for 17 years, and now I want to put my experience in your hands.

I’ve bought books and read all the information I could find online, but nothing seemed to be helping. But the Volleyball Life books were easy to follow, and there were things that I could use right away. After a few weeks of practice my passing improved so much that my setter wants me to teach my other teammates my new secret!” — S. Bond, Los Angeles, CA

So What’s In The Passing Ebook?

  • The passing stance that provides the foundation for a perfect pass, every time
  • Illustrations of common passing errors and how to correct them
  • Even though you pass with your arms, I’ll explain why your legs are really your most important passing resource
  • Footwork that will get you in position long before the ball has arrived
  • Tips for reading any hitter that will make you look like you’re a psychic
  • Detailed instructions for mastering emergency defensive moves, including the pancake, lateral collapse, shoulder roll and dive
  • Instruction on digging in the most common defensive configurations so you can play any position with confidence
  • Common serve receive patterns and why fewer passers are actually better
  • 5 high-quality drills with variations that will guide you in implementing all the techniques covered in the book

Order now and get our rotations guide, which includes in-depth coverage and diagrams of 4-2, 5-1 and 6-2 offensive rotations FREE! As always, we offer a better-than-100%-money-back-guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your ebook purchase simply contact us for a complete refund and keep the rotations guide as our gift.

Purchase the Passing Ebook for just $12.99.

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  2. […] For more details about passing, including drills, diagrams and photographs of proper form, check out the Volleyball-Life Passing Ebook. […]

  3. […] For more details about passing, including drills, diagrams and photographs of proper form, check out the Volleyball-Life Passing Ebook. […]

  4. […] For more details about passing, including drills, diagrams and photographs of proper form, check out the Volleyball-Life Passing Ebook. […]

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