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Serving Ebook

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17-Year Volleyball Veteran Shares Tips, Tricks and Drills to Make You an Outstanding Server

Tough serves win games, but missed serves kill momentum. This serving guide will give you the know-how and drills you need to take your serve from disappointing to devastating.

Discover how to accelerate your mastery of one of the most crucial skills in volleyball. volleyball serving

The Serving Process Simplified

After spending 10 years playing on highly competitive volleyball teams around the world, I’m at the point in my volleyball development where there aren’t team practices or workouts to guide me. I’ve spent many hours of my life searching the Internet for resources geared toward individual volleyball players, but without success.

So I researched and wrote the Volleyball Life Ebook series to help individual volleyball players improve their skills outside of a team setting. My first priority was to get the serving ebook done, because I think it’s one of the most crucial skills in the sport.

This ebook breaks down the serve into easy-to-follow steps that will put you on the path to serving expertise.

I’ve used the techniques detailed in this ebook at volleyball tournaments in three countries. They led my high school team to its first undefeated season in over 20 years and helped my Junior Olympic team from an unknown town wreak havoc at national qualifying tournaments.

Volleyball Life can now put these training methods, which were learned from Junior Olympic and NCAA coaches, into to your hands. More importantly, these methods have been tweaked to allow individuals — not just teams — to take full advantage of them. I’ve been playing and coaching for 17 years, and now I want to put my experience in your hands.

“Serving has always been a problem for me — I never knew if the ball was going to make it over the net, much less where it would land. The Vball Life techniques weren’t like anything I’d ever tried and they definitely worked. Now I’m a serving machine, and I can place the ball wherever I want.” — D. Partain, Dallas, TX

So What’s In The Serving Ebook?

  • Underhand serving basics with detailed photos and diagrams
  • A serving diagram that will guide your aim during training
  • In-depth breakdown of overhand serving into 3 parts — toss, step and swing — with photos and instructions for each part
  • The minimalist technique that will improve your accuracy overnight
  • A drill you can do while watching TV that will take your serve from erratic to extraordinary
  • Weight transfer methods that make serving simultaneously easier and more powerful
  • Lessons on how different hand positions and arm speeds can bring variety to your serving arsenal
  • Instruction on how your mindset can influence your serving efficiency, and how to use psychology to your advantage when serving
  • An overview of basic serving rules to ensure that your awesome serves are 100% legal
  • 4 high-quality drills with variations that will guide you in implementing all the techniques covered in the book

serving ebook

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