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2 Quick Tips for Better Blocking Today

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hand position is crucial to blockingBlocking is a complicated volleyball skill; arms, feet, hands and timing all have to work in conjunction. Today we’ll go over a few simple tips on hand movement that should help improve your roofing possibilities.

Tip #1: Keep your hands at shoulder height.

It’s tempting to bring your hands down by your sides so you can try to use your arms to jump higher, but this greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll end up in the net, and it slows down your block jump. Keep them just in front of your shoulders, so you can extend your arms up and your hands over the net without swinging your arms.

Tip #2: Hands should penetrate over the net — no swinging!

As your arms extend your goal is to get your hands above the net and then break your wrists slightly, forming a “roof” that will push the ball downwards on contact. Shorter players or those without the necessary jumping skills can concentrate on not breaking their wrists but instead angling their hands into their opponents court to avoid being tooled by the hitter.

Also check out our tips on improving your vertical leap to help your blocking skills.

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