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Help the AVP Find Every Beach Court in the U.S.!

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The AVP has launched a new service called “Find a Court Near You,” which they hope will become a definitive directory of beach volleyball courts around the country. You can help expand their database by entering information about your home town! beach volleyball locations

We all know what a pain it can be finding a new place to play volleyball when you move to a new town. The endless website searches, the pleading e-mails to friends — it all takes away time you could be spending playing volleyball! But now the AVP is hoping to make that search a thing of the past (at least when it comes to beach courts) with its new “Find a Court Near You” service.

They’re asking for details about what type of games go on (co-ed, guys, girls), the contact details for organizers and the best times to access the court, but if you don’t know all the information you can just submit whatever you know.

It might be hard to think about beach volleyball right now (it’s snowing outside as I write this), but summer will be here before we know it, so let’s help get the database up and running!

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