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NCAA Men’s Volleyball Update

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As of today, the NCAA Men’s Volleyball 2010 standings are looking like this:

1. Cal State Northridge

2. Southern California

3. BYU


5. Stanford

6. Hawaii

7. Long Beach State

8. Penn State

9. UC Santa Barbara

10. Pepperdine

11. UC Irvine

12. Loyola

13. UC San Diego

14. Ohio State

15. Lewis

Highlights include a February 4 match-up between Cal State Northridge and USC, which saw Cal State winning in 5 games and extending their streak against USC to 15 games. The last time USC won against the Matadors was 2004.

UC Santa Barbara has made great strides after a difficult start to the season, defeating two top-10 teams in less than a week. Both Stanford and defending champions UC Irvine fell to the Gauchos before their turnaround was halted by Pepperdine on Wednesday.

The men’s season will continue until early May.

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