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AVP News Roundup: New Commissioner, 2010 Schedule

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The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) recently announced their 2010 tour schedule, named Mike Dodd as their new commissioner and formalized a deal with ESPN and ABC to broadcast 13 tournament stops. The unprecedented TV time turns out to be a good thing, because unless you live on one of the coasts of the U.S. (or in Illinois or Ohio), you won’t be seeing much live AVP volleyball this year. AVP volleyball court

First, the schedule:

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. April 16-18
Santa Barbara, Calif. April 29-May 2
Huntington Beach, Calif. June 3-6
Virginia Beach, Va. June 18-20
Belmar, N.J. June 25-27
Hermosa Beach, Calif. July 16-18
Malibu, Calif. July 24-25
San Francisco Bay Area* Aug. 14-15
Manhattan Beach, Calif. Aug. 19-22
Chicago, Ill. Aug. 27-29
Mason, Ohio Sept. 3-5
Los Angeles, Calif.* Sept. 17-19

Locations with a * indicate the exact location hasn’t been determined yet. There is also a Developmental Tour and a Qualifier Tour, both of which offer teams the opportunity to earn a spot in the first four AVP events of 2011. For more information check out the AVP website’s press release.

Also last week the AVP named Mike Dodd, age 53, as its new commissioner. An Olympic silver medalist, long-time AVP standout and coach of several beach championships, Dodd brings an wealth of knowledge to the position.

“We could not be more proud naming Mike Dodd as our Commissioner—this is a great day for the AVP,” said Jason Hodell, Chief Executive Officer of the AVP. “Mike is the perfect fit for a strategy of embracing the core volleyball community. His skills as a player, coach, broadcaster and ambassador are world class.”

Read more about Dodd and his reactions to starting this new phase of his volleyball career on the AVP website.

And finally, the AVP will be coming to you via your television screen much more often in 2010. ESPN2 and ABC will both be airing tournaments throughout the year, giving those of us who can’t travel to California every other weekend easier access to beach volleyball. Here’s the schedule for 2010:

Date Time (ET) Match/Location Network
Sun, April 18 5:30 p.m. Women/Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD/ESPN 3
Sun, May 2 5:30 p.m. Men/Santa Barbara, Calif. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD/ESPN 3
Sun, June 6 2 p.m. Women/Huntington Beach, Calif. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD/ESPN 3
Sun, June 6 4 p.m. Men/Huntington Beach, Calif. ABC/ABC HD
Sun, June 20 2 p.m. Women/Virginia Beach, Va. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD/ESPN 3
Sun, June 27 2 p.m. Women/Belmar, N.J. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD/ESPN 3
Sun, July 18 Midnight Men/Hermosa Beach, Calif. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD
Sun, July 25 4 p.m. Women/Malibu, Calif. ABC/ABC HD
Sun, July 25 11 p.m. Men/Malibu, Calif. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD/ESPN 3
Sun, Aug. 22 4:30 p.m. Women/Manhattan Beach, Calif. ABC/ABC HD
Sun, Aug. 29 1:30 p.m. Men/Chicago, Ill. ABC/ABC HD
Sun, Aug. 29 Midnight Women/Chicago, Ill. ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD
Sun, Sept. 19 Midnight Flex/Los Angeles, Calif. TBD ESPN2/ESPN 2 HD

The deal with ESPN and ABC is two years in length, so we can look forward to similar coverage of the 2011 season. Mike Dodd, the newly appointed AVP commissioner, had this to say:

“During my 40 years in beach volleyball we have always tried to put the focus on our sport, the athleticism of its players, and the endurance it takes to play it. I believe this relationship with ESPN/ABC could do more in one broadcast to legitimize our players and the game than we know. This is a great day for Volleyball.”

For more details about availability, check out the AVP website. Let’s do our best to support the AVP by tuning in to the broadcasts, visiting the live streams, and making sure this sport continues to get the coverage it deserves!

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