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Volleyball Serving Rules: Catching the Toss

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Something I harp on when teaching people to serve is tossing consistency; without a consistent toss your serve will never get past mediocre. But just as importantly, in a game situation you only get one chance to get your toss right.

volleyball serving toss rules

After you toss, you get one chance to serve.

According to the most recent FIVB rules, each server gets one toss per serve, and that’s it.

You can dribble the ball, move it from hand to hand, and generally do whatever you need to prepare to serve, but once you toss the volleyball into the air it’s go time. For a while you were allowed one “do-over,” which meant as long as you let the ball hit the ground without touching it you could try a second toss, but those days are over.

Now you have 8 seconds after the referee blows his/her whistle to serve, and if you don’t like your toss … that’s just too bad. If you catch it or let it hit the ground, the other team is awarded the point and the serve. Makes a pretty good case for perfecting your toss, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for a drill you can do at home while watching TV that will help improve your tossing accuracy and consistency, I recommend checking out the Serving Ebook.

Want to know more about how to become an expert server? Here are 8 Tips for Superb Serving.

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