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You Know You’re a Volleyball Player When…

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Most volleyball players have a moment when they realize that their hobby has become an obsession, when what started as their after work relaxation has become their favorite part of the week and their only topic for conversation. That’s when you know you’re a volleyball player, and here are some of the signs: you know you're a volleyball player when...

You Know You’re a Volleyball Player When…

… you seriously consider buying a neon pink hat to wear to the beach.

… you have in depth conversations with others about what kind of knee pads are best and why.

… you stay up until 3am to watch Olympic volleyball live rather than read about it the next day.

… bruises on your knees, elbows and/or hips are normal by-products of your time at the gym.

… you own more pairs of spandex shorts than jeans.

… your Christmas/birthday wish list has ever included any of the following: a) a volleyball b) knee pads c) volleyball shoes

… you’ve been ejected from a park, company picnic or a friend’s backyard because you kept calling lifts and double hits on players during a “casual” volleyball game.

… your summer vacation is planned around the AVP tour stops.

… you meet your teammates outside of the gym for the first time and don’t recognize them without gym shorts, t-shirts and ponytails/headbands.

… everyday words like “pancake,” “roof,” and “ace” make your eyes glaze over with nostalgia while you remember your team’s awesome plays.

How do you know you’re a volleyball player? Add yours to the comments below!

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  1. Ashley says:

    You know you’re a volleyball player when playing in PE really offends you

    You know you’re a volleyball player when people say spike and you just laugh

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