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Blocking Drill to Make You Think

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Blocking is an extremely cerebral volleyball skill, so doing blocking drills that make you think while on the move is important. This drill forces you to remember a blocking pattern while still focusing on executing a block accurately. volleyball blocking drill

To start, arrange five hitters on boxes on one side of the net; they should each be close enough to the net to attack the ball easily, and spread evenly across the court. If possible, give each hitter a supply of balls. Starting on the left side of the net, number each hitter 1 through 5.

The blocker starts on the opposite side of the side from the hitters, and s/he is given a sequence in which to block. This is the order in which the hitters will attack the ball, and the blocker must move to each hitter in order and try to block their attack. Hitters need to remember their number and stay engaged in the drill so they can hit in the proper order.

So, for example, if the chosen order is 2-4-3-1-5, the second hitter from the left will hit first, followed by the fourth from the left, etc. The blocker must remember the order and move back and forth along the net to line up with each hitter in turn. Focus on your footwork and form while moving across the net.

This drill is great for practicing all kinds of blocking movement, because it forces you to incorporate the movement required for small distances as well as covering nearly the entire length of the net.

If the blocker forgets the order and goes to the wrong hitter, they must start over from the beginning.

Have fun training your blocking brain!

For more blocking drills, check out 2 Quick Tips for Better Blocking Today. Photo from Flickr.

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