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5 Reasons Sand Volleyball is Better than Indoor

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The eternal sand vs. indoor debate rages on. Here are a handful of reasons why sand is superior. sand volleyball better than indoor

The end of our summer sand league is coming up out here in Colorado, which has me feeling a little partial to sand volleyball these days. Don’t get me wrong – I love volleyball of all kinds, and will therefore be following this post up with a rebuttal soon. But, whatever side you ultimately come down on, sand volleyball or indoor volleyball, you’ve got to admit they both have their benefits.

  1. Sand as Scapegoat. This isn’t quite a legitimate excuse if you’re a professional beach volleyball player, but if the rest of us aren’t jumping very high or moving very fast, if our passes go awry or our serves get out of control, we’ve got something to blame. Sand, wind and the sun in your eyes make for handy, and often very legitimate, excuses for errors in outdoor volleyball. When you’re indoors, it’s hard to blame a sudden gust from the air conditioning for your serve going out of bounds.
  2. Expand Your Horizons. For many players sand volleyball offers the opportunity to play in different formats and work on new parts of our games. During indoor seasons I’m a setter and only a setter, but during sand volleyball season the absence of real rotations means I get to practice passing and hitting too. If you play doubles your speed and communication will reach new heights. Indoor doubles is just depressing.
  3. No Fear of Diving. Unless you’re unfortunate enough to play on a completely un-groomed, rock-filled sand court, diving while playing sand volleyball is much more fun than diving indoors. You’ve got a relatively soft surface to land on, making dives much less of a problem.
  4. One Word: Ratings. I love volleyball, and I want to see it become a wildly successful sport that gets as much attention as baseball, football or basketball. Like it or not, sand/beach volleyball gets ratings and TV air time that indoor 6-on-6 so far can’t match. Bikinis and sexy dancers during timeouts probably don’t hurt, but right now sand volleyball looks like the best way to promote the sport.
  5. One More Word: Money. Again, for better or for worse, if you want to make a good living playing volleyball, you’ve got to be playing sand. The way things are set up right now, professional indoor players aren’t cashing giant checks or spending the winter in Tahiti. Most professional sand players probably aren’t doing those things either, but at least they have a chance at it, whereas indoor players really don’t. It’s modest checks and winters in Florida at best.

So there you have it – a few reasons why sand volleyball just might be better than indoor. Did I leave out your favorite? Dying to contradict me? That’s what comments are for my friends.

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Readers Comments (8)

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  3. Mike says:

    I like having the freedom of movement on sand. I play mostly blocker, and indoors I feel quite restricted to let the players around me control the ball which doesn’t really fit how I’d like to play. Two person teams, sand, I get to move around and make those diving digs and passes I love to do so much.

  4. sprouticus says:

    @Mike – you have an excellent point. Diving digs in the sand are satisfying in much different way than indoor digs.

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