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Review: Mizuno Wave Lightning 6 Shoe

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I recently snagged a new pair of volleyball shoes and thought I’d offer a user’s perspective on them. mizuno volleyball shoes

My last pair of volleyball shoes were New Balance 850s, which I really liked overall. But they had these cloth loops for the shoelaces to go through and two of them broke within just a couple of months of me getting the shoes. So that was one of my main criteria this time around: no cloth loops.

I’ve had the Mizuno Wave Lightning 6 shoes for about a month now, and I’ve worn them quite a few times. Truthfully they are some of the best volleyball shoes I’ve ever had, and I’m enjoying them immensely.

You can see from the photo that they have pads on the toes, which is great for me since I drag my foot when I serve and I tend to wear that part of a shoe down really fast. I’m also surprised by how light they are on my feet. They give great support and traction without weighing me down.

Mizuno is obviously very good at volleyball shoes. says: “The Mizuno Wave disperses impact forces uniformly over the length and width of the midsole, providing unrivaled cushioning. Mizuno Wave is a biomechanically-engineered midsole technology that resists overpronation, thus relieving stress on ankle and knee joints.” So far, I agree completely.

The shoes breathe well and I haven’t had any problems with blisters or discomfort while wearing them. I happen to have two friends who just bought the same pair of shoes, however, and they have some different experiences to share:

Friend #1: As long as she wears blister prevention pads on the back of her heel the shoes are fine, but if not she gets pretty bad blisters. But she says this is a common problem for her in athletic shoes in general and not something specific to the Mizunos.

Friend #2: She has a wide foot and reports that the Wave Lightning 6 isn’t quite wide enough for her. She tends to lose feeling in her toes if she wears them for too long.

So, there are a few perspectives on the Mizuno Wave Lightning 6 shoe. Personally I’d easily give it 4 stars, and I have no problem recommending it.

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