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Club Volleyball Coaches and College Recruiting

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As club volleyball seasons get started around the country, many players might be thinking, “I don’t have to worry about getting recruited. My club volleyball coach will handle that for me.” Unfortunately, that’s pretty much never the case. volleyball recruiting and club coaches

The Role of Club Volleyball Coaches

In reality your coach’s only responsibility is to train you and your teammates to their best of his/her ability and to help you win games. Not only do they have to deal with the myriad personalities of players and parents, they also have to coordinate tournament schedule, plan practices, manage finances, and try to guide the volleyball development of everyone on your team.

Many coaches are doing all of this in addition to working a full time “real” job, so expecting them to help you get recruited is asking a lot.

It’s also important to remember that your club coach, unless s/he is somehow connected to the college volleyball scene, most likely doesn’t have a lot of contacts at the college level. If s/he play in college it’s possible that s/he is still on good terms with that program, but other than that connections may be limited.

How to Involve Your Club Coach

Still, just because you shouldn’t rely on your coaches to contact schools on your behalf or talk you up to every college scout in the country doesn’t mean they can’t be involved in the recruiting process.

If you’re serious about getting recruited to a high level school, it’s vital for you to play in the top tournaments around the country. Communicate your desire to your coaches; they may be able to help get your team ready for one of these tournaments, or they may suggest that you try to join a more competitive team.

Club coaches can also be a good initial point of contact for college coaches and scouts who want to find out how coachable you are. If you’ve been in touch with various programs and expect them to come and watch you play, alert your coaches to the possibility so they can be prepared to speak with college coaches if needed.

And I can’t say it enough: if you’re serious about getting recruited to play college volleyball you should really join The site is getting better all the time, and you can browse existing players’ videos to see what you’re up against.

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