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Volleyball Video Guide

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As club volleyball season gets into full swing, it’s time to start thinking about getting volleyball video footagesome excellent volleyball video footage together to help with your college recruiting efforts. Of all the things you can do putting together an outstanding video compilation is the best thing you can do to ensure that coaches come to see you play.

Where to Get Volleyball Video Footage

You’ve got three primary options when it comes to filming games:

  1. Your Club. Some volleyball clubs provide a videographer who’ll accompany teams to tournaments and film their games. The main drawback here is that the person filming isn’t focused on you, so there may be times when they could have zoomed in closer or gotten a better shot of your play. Of course the benefit is that you and your parents don’t have to bother with a camera or worry about filming.
  2. Your Parents. Unlike a club videographer, your parents are focusing only on your plays, ensuring that your awesome play doesn’t get overlooked. However parents may be less than diligent about getting uninterrupted game footage, and being responsible for filming also requires them to invest in a camera and film. The quality may also suffer depending on gym conditions and camera type.
  3. Professional Videos. Sites like offer professional, high-definition filming at some of the larger national qualifying tournaments, which can be a great option for players whose teams are traveling to these tournaments.

Skills Video Footage

For skills videos it’s much less important to involve a professional in the filming, although getting help with editing your footage can be advantageous. The most vital thing is to make sure you’re demonstrating a wide range of abilities within your chosen position and showing off your consistency.

This means that you can’t just show your awesome cross court attack or your perfect high outside set, you have to show versatility. Hitters should display their ability to attack all types of sets, while setters should demonstrate their versatile setting repertoire. And make sure to repeat each skill 3-5 times in a row so you can prove your ability to consistently perform.

Remember that all of this video doesn’t do you any good if it’s not getting put in front of coaches, so consider joining a site like that will put you in touch with college volleyball coaches and give you the best chance of getting recruited.

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