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Volleyball College Recruiting Profile Improvements

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Hopefully any high school players that are regular readers of my blog already have a profile at Volleyball-Recruits.net, which is a vital part of anyone’s trip to a college volleyball career. volleyball recruiting improvements

But once you’ve got the profile in place, what else can a high school volleyball player do to help increase his/her chances of being recruited?

Athletic Improvements

Of course you can’t change your height or your basic body structure, but you can improve other key elements of your athleticism. You can train your hand-eye coordination, quickness and vertical leap through time in the gym, and you can always improve your overall volleyball knowledge by reading books and blogs (like this one!) and watching games in person and online.

The important thing to remember is that even professional athletes are constantly training and working to improve their skills, so don’t assume that you’ve reached the pinnacle of your volleyball development. There’s always something new to learn, try or see, and the more well-rounded you are as a volleyball player the more you improve your chances of getting recruited.

Academic Improvements

Keep in mind that without the necessary grades and test scores you won’t be eligible to play at top schools regardless of how awesome your volleyball skills are. You still have to meet the academic requirements for the schools on your recruiting list; these will vary widely from school to school so research both the volleyball program and overall academic competitiveness at the schools you want to recruit you.

To give yourself the best shot at getting recruited, aim for the highest GPA and standardized test scores possible. If you’ve struggled with grades in the past consider approaching your teachers for help or looking into tutoring. SAT and ACT preparatory classes can also go a long way to helping push your scores out of average and into awesome.

Volleyball Recruiting Improvements

Be proactive when it comes to contacting coaches, don’t wait for them to come to you. Try to find out where the coaching staff will be, and do your best to get a face to face introduction if they’ll be attending any of the same tournaments as your team.

Make sure you have high quality video that you can direct coaches too, and that all your contact and academic information is very easy to find. It’s also vital for coaches and their staff to easily locate your playing schedule so they can come to watch you play.

Take the time to improve yourself athletically and academically, and you’ll increase your chances of college volleyball recruiting.

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