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Passing Drills, NCAA Men’s Volleyball and AVP Results

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A year ago on Volleyball-life.com I was posting about partner ball control passing volleyball passing drilldrills along with the NCAA men’s volleyball season and, sigh, results of the Fort Lauderdale AVP tournament among other things.

Take a trip down memory lane and check out these posts:

Partner Ball Control Drills: If you have a partner and a ball you can improve your ball control with just a few hours a week. Your setting and passing can both benefit immensely from these drills.

NCAA Men’s Volleyball Update, April 20, 2010: Time to say goodbye to the regular season and get ready for tournament play. I’ll save you from the suspense: Stanford won their conference, but it was a close thing. Who joins them in the postseason, and whose season is over?

AVP Fort Lauderdale Tournament – Kickoff: This weekend, although overcast and rainy out here in Colorado, brings with it thoughts of beach volleyball. Why? Because this weekend is the 2010 season opener on the AVP tour. With $200,000 up for grabs and a new sponsor (NIVEA) on tour, here’s hoping this tournament delivers some good matches.

AVP Fort Lauderdale Results: Within the 2010 AVP debut were a lot of smaller debuts, each of which had its share of the spotlight this weekend.

Volleyball Player Profiles: Canyon Ceman: Canyon Ceman has recently retired after a 16-year career that made him a beach volleyball icon. He’s been inducted into the Stanford Athletic Hall of Fame (2007), was named Most Outstanding Player on the AVP (2000) and Best Setter on the AVP (2002). Always an intellectual player, Ceman was able to extend his career by several years by using his head while his body started to feel its age.

Cultivating Setting Arm Strength: It’s crucial to use your legs when setting in volleyball to get the power and distance that you need, but your hands and arms are where you get control and accuracy. By doing drills that take your feet out of the equation you can dramatically improve the arm aspect of your setting.

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