Monday, December 18th, 2017

Blocking Ebook

Get unbeatable blocking technique and timing to help make you a wall at the net.

  • Do you want to improve your blocking skills but don’t have 20 hours a week to spend in the gym?
  • Have you always wondered what the proper blocking techniques are but never found anyone to walk you through it?
  • Is it time to break the bad blocking habits that are keeping you from excelling as a blocker?
  • Do you need a training guide that you can use outside of a team setting to help take your blocking to the next level?

With the easy-to-follow techniques, drills and theories in the Volleyball-Life Blocking Ebook, you can.

This ebook was designed specifically for players who want to improve their skills on an individual basis. Players already being coached can use these techniques to supplement their coaches’ guidance, and ambitious individuals without a coach can use them to push their skills forward. The drills I use can be done on your own or with just a couple of friends, making them ideal for when you have some spare gym time.

If you can show up for your games just 30 minutes early and practice the drills and techniques in this ebook, you’ll find your blocking skills improving in a matter of days.

Your time is valuable, so make sure you’re getting the most out of the time you spend in the gym. I’ve condensed nearly 20 years of volleyball training into a few dozen pages so you can master the theory and start putting it into practice right away.

“Just one or two of the tips in this book were worth the price. I can’t believe how much easier it is to block now!” – J. Whiting, Boulder, CO

Whether you’re short, tall or in between, blocking is a difficult skill to master. Timing and technique are more important than sheer height, which means you need extensive training to block effectively, no matter your height.

So What’s In The Blocking Ebook?

  • Why there is more than one kind of block, and which one you should be using
  • Simple changes to your blocking form that will add inches to your vertical overnight
  • How changing your hand position can change your blocking efficiency
  • Blocking footwork that will let you cover ground quickly so you can be in on more blocks
  • Game time tips gleaned from 17 years of volleyball experience and training

Are you ready to take the next step toward becoming a fearsome hitter?

Blocking is a skill that gives a lot of people trouble because they don’t understand that it’s more about timing than height. This blocking ebook takes you back to foundational techniques that will give you a consistent, solid block. These techniques have helped me excel on volleyball teams in three countries, and they helped me win blocking drills against hitters who were 6-8″ taller than me. 

Before my international volleyball phase, these techniques helped my high school team get its first undefeated season in over 20 years and allowed my Junior Olympic team from an unknown town to wreak havoc at national qualifying tournaments.

Volleyball Life can now put these training methods, which were learned from Junior Olympic and NCAA coaches, into to your hands. More importantly, these methods have been tweaked to allow individuals — not just teams — to take full advantage of them. I’ve been playing and coaching for 17 years, and now I want to pass my experience on to you.

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