Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Serving: Keep Your Feet on the Ground

volleyball serving foot up
If I had to identify a single problem that plagues servers of all kinds, it would be picking up their back foot when they serve. This ...

More Serving

where to serve in volleyball

Where to Serve

Being able to serve to any zone on the court doesn't do you any good if you don't know where to ...
volleyball serving don't miss

When to NOT Miss Your Serve

Serving is a balancing act between power and accuracy, and there are sometimes when you should err on the side of ...
baby jump float serve

Baby Jump Float Serve

This is a relatively new type of serve that many upper level teams use, and one that combines the benefits of ...
volleyball topspin serve

The Top Spin Serve

Top spin serves can drop like a rock and make serve receive a nightmare for your opponents. Here's a quick overview ...
volleyball float serve

Learning to Float Serve

One of the most commonly used serves in volleyball is the float serve, so named because the ball doesn't spin and ...
Volleyball passing skill

Two Vital Volleyball Skills

Most volleyball players, no matter how great our love for the game, can't spend hours and hours practicing every day. So ...
volleyball server

Volleyball Serving Zones

Picking the right zone for your serve can make a difference between converting your serve into points and giving your opponent ...
learning how to jump serve

Learning to Jump Serve

If you've reached the point in your serving progression where you think it's time for some jump serving, here's a great ...
volleyball serving toss

Perfect Toss = Perfect Serve

Before you can become a fearsome server, you have to master a seemingly simple step: the toss. It's a deceptively vital ...

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