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When you buy all 5 Volleyball-Life ebooks for $48.95 you’ll be saving $10, which is like getting a whole book for free! This is by far our best value, especially since nearly all Volleyball-life ebook customers buy more than one book once they see how useful these instructional volumes can be.

In the bundle you’ll get:

All at a huge discount!

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Blocking Skills Ebook

What’s in the Blocking Ebook?

  • Why there is more than one kind of block, and which one you should be using
  • Simple changes to your blocking form that will add inches to your vertical overnight
  • How changing your hand position can change your blocking efficiency
  • Blocking footwork that will let you cover ground quickly so you can be in on more blocks
  • Game time tips gleaned from 17 years of volleyball experience and training

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Hitting Ebook

So What’s In The Hitting Ebook?

  • How using a tennis ball to train can improve your hitting accuracy
  • Why your non-dominant hand is just as important in hitting as your hitting arm
  • Detailed guides to four, three and two step approaches, and when to use each one
  • The tip, roll shot and other types of hits and their applications
  • Incorporating all this into game time transitions so you can be in the right place at the right time
  • 4 targeted drills with variations to help you master all the skills from the ebook.

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Passing Skills Ebook

Nothing takes the wind out of a hitter’s sails like an effortless dig of his or her most blistering attack. Learn how to dig any hit without fear and pass any serve with ease using my Passing Ebook.

So What’s in the Passing Ebook?

  • The passing stance that provides the foundation for a perfect pass, every time
  • Illustrations of common passing errors and how to correct them
  • Even though you pass with your arms, I’ll explain why your legs are really your most important passing resource
  • Footwork that will get you in position long before the ball has arrived
  • Tips for reading any hitter that will make you look like you’re a psychic
  • Detailed instructions for mastering emergency defensive moves, including the pancake, lateral collapse, shoulder roll and dive
  • Instruction on digging in the most common defensive configurations so you can play any position with confidence
  • Common serve receive patterns and why fewer passers are actually better
  • 5 high-quality drills with variations that will guide you in implementing all the techniques covered in the book

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Serving Skills Ebook

So What’s in the Serving Ebook?

  • Underhand serving basics with detailed photos and diagrams
  • A serving diagram that will guide your aim during training
  • In-depth breakdown of overhand serving into 3 parts — toss, step and swing — with photos and instructions for each part
  • The minimalist technique that will improve your accuracy overnight
  • A drill you can do while watching TV that will take your serve from erratic to extraordinary
  • Weight transfer methods that make serving simultaneously easier and more powerful
  • Lessons on how different hand positions and arm speeds can bring variety to your serving arsenal
  • Instruction on how your mindset can influence your serving efficiency, and how to use psychology to your advantage when serving
  • An overview of basic serving rules to ensure that your awesome serves are 100% legal
  • 4 high-quality drills with variations that will guide you in implementing all the techniques covered in the book

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Setting Skills Ebooks

Put yourself on the road to setting excellence today with the setting skills ebook.

So What’s In The Setting Ebook?

  • Setting form that provides stability and strength to any player
  • Common illegal contacts and the best ways to avoid them
  • The “Superman” finish and how it can increase your setting accuracy right now
  • The 90/10 split and why you should spend more time training your feet
  • Footwork progression techniques that will let you move anywhere on the court and still set to any hitter
  • How one of the most common setting drills could be ruining your form, and the easy remedy
  • Two quick daily drills that can transform your hands into a beautiful volleyball cushion
  • How to train either on your own or with a partner to make the most of every moment in the gym
  • Guides on mastering 5 different types of sets, along with a detailed diagram for running advanced hitting plays
  • The 3 most commonly used offenses in volleyball and how to set for each one
  • 8 high-quality drills with variations that will guide you in implementing all the techniques covered in the book

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