Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

4 Free Ball Tips

free ball tips
Sometimes you can't help it - a free ball is your only choice. Here's how to make the most of a bad situation. A while back ...

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volleyball hitters

Volleyball Roles: Hitters

Hitters get a lot of the volleyball glory, so here's an overview of just how this pivotal position works within a ...
tooling the block while hitting

How to Tool the Block

Problem: You find yourself up against a huge block, and there seems to be no hope of hitting over or around ...
passing free volleyball

Passing a Free Ball

They don't call it "free" for nothin' - make sure you're making the most out of the gift known as the ...
volleyball backset

Mastering the Back Set

Although fundamentally similar to the "normal" front set, back setting causes problems for a lot of volleyball players. Here's a breakdown ...
the volleyball setter

Volleyball Roles: Setter

Often called the quarterback of the volleyball court, the setter is a unique position in volleyball. Unlike the passing role (outlined ...
volleyball roles passer

Volleyball Roles: Passer

Although nearly all volleyball players have a specialization -- setter, outside hitter, libero, etc. -- volleyball demands that players be able ...
Volleyball passing skill

Two Vital Volleyball Skills

Most volleyball players, no matter how great our love for the game, can't spend hours and hours practicing every day. So ...
volleball soft block

When to Soft Block

Sometimes a soft block is your best bet. Most teams rely on blockers to take away part of the court from ...
volleyball referee call

Volleyball Rules: When is Out Not Out?

This week my friend's team lost a close game on sketchy call, which prompted some investigation into the seemingly basic "out" ...

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