Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Hitting the Quick Set: Don’t Overrun the Setter

hitting the quick set
The bread and butter of any middle hitter is the quick set, also know as a "1" for the fast tempo it requires. But while it's ...

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volleyball tipping

Off Speed Attacks

While the 100 mph monster kill gets most of the volleyball glory, every hitter needs to master off speed attacks too. ...
tooling the block while hitting

How to Tool the Block

Problem: You find yourself up against a huge block, and there seems to be no hope of hitting over or around ...
shoot set

Advanced Volleyball Plays, Part 2

Last week we talked about advanced volleyball plays from a setter's perspective; this week we'll look at the same plays from ...
volleyball quick set

Advanced Volleyball Plays, Part 1

When it's time to move beyond the standard outside, middle and back sets, these plays can give you the variety you ...

How to Hit a Volleyball: Slow Motion Guide

Last week I posted a 4 Step Guide to the 3 Step Approach, and I wanted to follow that up with ...

Hitting: A 4-Step Guide to the 3-Step Approach

Whether you've been playing volleyball for 10 years or 10 days, you probably want to improve your hitting game. And, unless ...
volleyball skills tip - hitting drill

A Simple Hitting Drill to Improve Accuracy

Attacking a volleyball, if executed correctly, is one of the most spectacular skills in sports. Unfortunately for those of us who ...

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