Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Passing Drills, NCAA Men’s Volleyball and AVP Results

volleyball ball control drills
A year ago on Volleyball-life.com I was posting about partner ball control passing drills along with the NCAA men's volleyball season and, sigh, results of the ...

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volleyball setting defense

Setting and Defense

One of the hardest parts about training to be a setter is learning when to "release" to the target area. Many ...
volleyball backset

Mastering the Back Set

Although fundamentally similar to the "normal" front set, back setting causes problems for a lot of volleyball players. Here's a breakdown ...
the volleyball setter

Volleyball Roles: Setter

Often called the quarterback of the volleyball court, the setter is a unique position in volleyball. Unlike the passing role (outlined ...
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Advanced Volleyball Plays, Part 1

When it's time to move beyond the standard outside, middle and back sets, these plays can give you the variety you ...
volleyball setting drill

Up-Down Setting Drill

We recently used this drill in an intermediate/advanced volleyball class that I'm teaching, and I'm convinced that if you can master ...
back row setting

Back Row Blocks and Attacks

Often it's unclear whether a setter who is trying to rescue a pass that's heading over the net is guilty of ...
volleyball ball control drills

Partner Ball Control Drills

If you have a partner and a ball you can improve your ball control with just a few hours a week. ...
setting drill hands only

Cultivating Setting Arm Strength

It's crucial to use your legs when setting in volleyball to get the power and distance that you need, but your ...
volleyball setting

Hand Jive: 3 Tips for Beautiful Sets

In a previous post we talked about the importance of footwork in setting, so today we'll go over three crucial guidelines ...

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