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Smart Volleyball Wins Games

smart volleyball
In volleyball as in many other things, brain typically triumphs over pure brute force. Smart Volleyball vs. Power Volleyball So I was totally going to write about ...

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volleyball serving don't miss

When to NOT Miss Your Serve

Serving is a balancing act between power and accuracy, and there are sometimes when you should err on the side of ...
baby jump float serve

Baby Jump Float Serve

This is a relatively new type of serve that many upper level teams use, and one that combines the benefits of ...
playing volleyball at your level

Playing Volleyball at Your Level

Inevitably we'll find ourselves playing with people not quite at our skill level, so what's a volleyball player to do? I'll ...
volleyball topspin serve

The Top Spin Serve

Top spin serves can drop like a rock and make serve receive a nightmare for your opponents. Here's a quick overview ...
passing free volleyball

Passing a Free Ball

They don't call it "free" for nothin' - make sure you're making the most out of the gift known as the ...
volleyball setting drill

Up-Down Setting Drill

We recently used this drill in an intermediate/advanced volleyball class that I'm teaching, and I'm convinced that if you can master ...
learning how to jump serve

Learning to Jump Serve

If you've reached the point in your serving progression where you think it's time for some jump serving, here's a great ...
volleball soft block

When to Soft Block

Sometimes a soft block is your best bet. Most teams rely on blockers to take away part of the court from ...
volleyball muscle memory

Muscle Memory and Volleyball

Lately I've been coaching an advanced volleyball class at my local rec center, and I find myself talking a lot about ...

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