Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Volleyball Life Instructional E-Mail Series

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Join my mailing list and every week for a year you’ll get an instructional e-mail absolutely free! Some coaching websites charge over $100 for this type of content, but you’ll get these detailed drills, tips and photos for nothing.

Here are the kinds of topics you can expect to see in your instructional e-mails:

  • How your serving toss can make or break your accuracy, and ways to ensure you’ve got the most consistent toss around.
  • Why praying has no place in passing, along with a photo montage to help you diagnose and correct this extremely common problem.
  • How to set yourself up for setting success by putting the focus on your footwork and movement.
  • Which kind of hitting approach is right for you and easy-to-remember phrases that will let you improve whatever kind of approach you decide to use.
  • How a simple tennis ball drill can save your shoulder from injury and increase your kill percentage at the same time.
  • Early access to additional volleyball class content coming soon to
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