Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Volleyball-Life Ebooks
  • Service!


    Discover how to accelerate your mastery of one of the most crucial skills in volleyball.

    Tough serves win games, but missed serves kill momentum. This serving guide will give you the know-how and drills you need to take your serve from disappointing to devastating.

  • Mine!


    Perfect passing starts from the ground up.

    Nothing takes the wind out of a hitter’s sails like an effortless dig of his or her most blistering attack. Learn how to dig any hit without fear and pass any serve with ease using my Passing Ebook.

  • Setting is Awesome


    Learn how to run an offense, improve your footwork, and become the setter you’ve always wanted to be.

    Some setters make their position look effortless, but trust me when I say setters are made, not born. With some basic drills and dedication you can get solid setting skills a lot sooner than you think!

  • Big Girl Coming!


    Getting a kill at the key moment is exhilarating, but failing to execute your attack can be devastating.

    A solid foundation is vital to hitting excellence, and that’s just what you’ll get with this ebook.

  • Stuffed.


    Whether you’re short, tall or in between, blocking is a difficult skill to master. Timing and technique are more important than sheer height, which means you need extensive training to block effectively, no matter your height.

    Working with the blocking ebook will teach you often overlooked blocking techniques that will dramatically increase your chances of being a wall at the net.

  • Volleyball = Life.


    Our best deal!

    Get all 5 ebooks — Serving, Passing, Setting, Hitting, and Blocking — in this discount bundle!

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